Crane Parts

North Pacific Crane offers replacement parts for all our current and past marine, offshore, and dock crane models. We maintain necessary stock of genuine crane parts, so we can supply and ship spare parts to you on short notice. All our parts are checked and approved by our Quality Control department during manufacturing and prior to shipping.

We maintain records of all cranes manufactured by NPCC. We can refer to our archives for any relevant information you need about cranes we’ve built for you.

We offer parts for cranes manufactured under the following brands:

  • North Pacific Crane
  • North American Crane
  • Slattery Cranes
  • Seattle Crane
  • Alaska Marine Cranes

Also, please call us if you need a replacement for a part that is outdated or obsolete. We can design or suggest an alternative replacement part, to ensure that your cranes are always in good working condition.

Contact us at for all your replacement parts needs