Seeking Experienced Sales Representatives, Distributors, and Independents

North Pacific Crane Company (NPCC) is a leading US manufacturer of marine, offshore, and dock cranes. We specialize in fixed boom, telescopic boom, knuckle boom, and knuckle-telescopic cranes for a variety of marine and offshore industries. We offer various lifting capacities ranging from 2 to 125 tons with over 40 years of demonstrated success.

NPCC is expanding and searching for high quality and experienced Marine Sales Representatives, including Distributors and Independents that are well connected in the Commercial Marine Segment with particular focus on the Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Northwest, and the US East Coast. If you have the experience and Industry standing, we are interested in meeting you.

NPCC is part of the privately owned Nautical Structures Family of companies committed to supporting the Marine Industry with the highest quality of Manufacturing, Engineering and Worldwide Service Support.

If you would like to apply, please email us at