Features & Specifications

NPCC Model Number Codification

 MCT – 10 40 – 10 - 1950  
  (A)     (B) (C) (D)  (E)


(A) → Crane Type


  • MCF (Marine Crane Fixed)
  • MCT (Marine Crane Telescopic)
  • MCK (Marine Crane Knuckle)
  • MCT2 (Marine Crane Double Telescopic)
  • MCT3 (Marine Crane Triple Telescopic)
  • MCKT (Marine Crane Knuckle Telescopic)

(B) → Tonnage, Rated at 10 Feet

(C) → Maximum Reach, in Feet

(D) → Year of Manufacture

(E) → Serial Number, Obtained from Log Book


F 90 TM - 9M 10 - 1963 
(A)	  (B) (C) (D)  (E)


(A) → Crane Type

Options: F = Fixed, T = Telescopic, K = Knuckle

(B) → Tonnage, TM = Ton Meter

(C) → Maximum Reach, in Meters (M)

(D) → Year of Manufacture

(E) → Serial Number, Obtained from Log Book

Our marine, offshore, and dock crane models include the following standard features and specifications:

Swing Rotation

360-degree continuous rotation in both directions with required limit stop. Standard swing speed 0.5 to 2 RPM, through a planetary reduction gear box. Swing drive with failsafe brake option


Hydraulic cylinders are honed steel tube construction with different conceptual like threaded pistons, bolted, head nut or external cap. Internally ported load hold valve holds cylinders in position if hydraulic pressure is lost.

Hinge Pins

Hinge pins are machined from hardened stainless steel. They are oversized for load carrying capacity and are run in bronze bushings.


Fixed boom, telescopic boom, knuckle-boom, or knuckle-telescopic boom models available, with fabricated standard high tensile steel construction with boom angle or load radius indicator

Hook Assembly

Fall block or load block options with customized cheek plate


One piece tubular construction designed with flange for slew bearing mounting and cutout for maintenance access.

Personnel/Man-riding Certification

Personnel handling/man-riding optional crane as per any certifying agency standards including personnel handling winch, boom, and 110% rated brake, self-loading of load& clutch on winch for automatic braking option, etc.

Type Approval

Frequently used cylinders are consistently manufactured to the same design and specifications are Type Approved by ABS certification.

Testing & Assembly

Factory assembled and tested

Hydraulic System

Options such as Standard open center hydraulic system / Skid mounted hydraulic system


Standard low-pressure joystick controls.


All the surfaces are painted to an equivalent International or Marine paint system. Before painting sand blasted to remove burrs, scales, rust, slag, oil, and dirt. Zinc rich primer minimum up to 2-3 mm thick, Epoxy mid coat minimum up to 6 mm thick & Polyurethane cover coat minimum up to 3 mm thick. The final color coat will be as per customer feedback.

Name Plate

Crane safety rating chart with optional plastic or stainless steel, Name plate with complete descriptions

Material Options

Cr, Ni-Cr, or stainless luffing/Telescopic cylinder rods, Heat treated 17-4 / high strength stainless steel pins. Continuous welds throughout the crane


Lighting for night operation, Audible warning device (Horn), markings/tags for functions, material procurement with approved steel mills with certification, high strength bolts as an option (Grade 9)