NPCC Inspection & Quality Test

At North Pacific Crane Company, we follow various standard testing and review procedures, at respective stages of crane construction. We maintain the highest quality Product and Service conformity and acceptance criteria during inspection and testing. Each crane component is tested for functionality, maintainability, efficiency, portability, usability, and reliability.

If a crane requires the certification of a specified agency, such as ABS/API, NPCC presents the product to an attending surveyor for witnessing of all required rule testing. The surveyor witnesses all in-plant testing of the crane’s structural components, or of the assembled crane. All testing is documented, and this documentation is included in the crane product’s internal folder for future reference.

If the crane does not require agency certification, it is still tested according to “NPCC Quality & Testing” procedures. Testing and Construction details are witnessed by an independent “Marine Certification Agency,” and all testing is documented in the crane product’s internal folder.


Weld Test Video explanation:

Due to confidentiality agreements, the design review letter, survey reports, proof test report, etc. approved on crane models by classification societies are not listed here.

Testing Cranes as a Unit During Installation

NPCC follows either ABS Lifting Appliances Guidelines or API Specifications 2C, based on the type of usage and lift capacity with respect to the proof loads. The test procedure is followed as per the guidelines, and is recorded on the NPCC Commissioning/Inspection form.