Design Process

Since the establishment of NPCC, our engineers have adhered to the following design process:

Design flowchart - Marne Company

Concept and Refining Techniques

  • We apply our ingenuity, in-depth engineering knowledge, and 30 years of experience to create a preliminary design concept for the crane.
  • We use 3D modeling tools to create a model of the crane, according to the specifications and technical data supplied by the customer.
  • We perform 3D model translation and adjustment to conform the crane design to a realistic model.
  • We take elements of the initial concept and arrange them in proper order, size, and dimension.
  • We use Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) technology to analyze CAD geometry, allowing us to simulate and study how the product behaves
  • In creating the initial concept design, we take into account the client’s timeframe, deadlines for delivery, and budget limits.
  • We employ multiple design categories to verify ABS/API/Dnv/Lrs/OSHA standards compliance, including structural analysis, hydraulic analysis, dynamic analysis, and integrity analysis
  • We do mathematical testing of the crane design using FEA tools (ANSYS) to check for appropriate structural, kinematic, and dynamic strength against the applied mechanical, hydraulic loading, and external wind load.
  • We do experimental testing of the crane design to ensure that it meets additional criteria and constraints