Products Research

These drawings illustrate some of the concept research and decisions we make during development of a new crane model.

New Concept Development for MCT 2568 Telescopic Crane

MCT 256 development

Design Advantages

  • All booms are a half circle shape from the middle to the bottom and rectangular from the middle to the top. This type of design increases strength, compared to an only rectangular or square profile.
  • The design specifies a high-strength steel material with yield strength of about 900 MPa, double the strength of previously-used grades such as ASTM A 572 Gr. 50 or ASTM A 656 Gr. 70. This makes the steel material extremely useful in weight applications.
  • All other gusset mounting at the tip and at the main boom oscillating region remains the same as the previous iteration.
  • This model design provides numerous strength gains due to optimization for uniform stress distribution from FEM software. The initial concept design phase is extremely important, and requires significant time and money investment.