Custom Design

At North Pacific Crane, we specialize in custom design for marine, offshore, and dock cranes. Our engineers have over 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing a variety of cranes to fit our clients’ specific needs. Our fixed boom, telescopic, knuckle boom, and knuckle-telescopic boom cranes are built according to international-standard design concepts, to ensure high performance and durability.

If you need a custom-designed crane, we can build it to your specifications. We’ll be glad to consult with you, listen to your ideas, review your drawings, and give you feedback and suggestions on how we can provide you with a custom-built crane.

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Custom Crane Features

The features that we offer for our custom-built cranes include:

  • A variety of control options are available, including Manual, Walk-Around, Remote Hydraulic, Electric/Hydraulic, Chest Pack – Wireless Remote, etc.
  • Inside or outside pedestal motor mounting option
  • Inside or outside pedestal control system
  • Hydraulic motor & pump mounting inside pedestal
  • Platforms built to suit your requirements
  • Inside pedestal tank reservoir mounting
  • Pedestal interface built to your requirements like deck insertion, or above deck
  • Access ladder with cage to the platform
  • Emergency load lowering option
  • Safety device options including load limiting, Fail Safe Brake, Load Holding Valves, Anti-Two Block to protect hoist ropes, structural components, and other machinery from damage.
  • Length counter
  • Helicopter/Aircraft Warning Light — Used for rooftop cranes, or cranes on platforms with a helipad. A highly-visible, blinking red warning light (like an ambulance light) that also gives off a beeping sound to warn incoming helicopters or low-flying aircraft that the crane is in operation.