Our History

Since its inception in 1978, originally as Alaska Marine Crane and now known as North Pacific Crane Company, our firm has a track record of excellence in marine crane manufacturing. Over 40 years, we’ve consistently focused on producing high-quality marine, offshore, and shore-based cranes. Despite changes in our name and ownership, our commitment to superior craftsmanship has never faltered.

Our portfolio showcases over 2,000 cranes delivered since the beginning, with many of our initial cranes from the late 1970s and early 1980s still functioning effectively. This lasting performance and durability have fortified our reputation, leading to ongoing relationships with long-time customers who rely on us for parts, consulting, and referrals.

In the fourth quarter of 2023 NPCC merged with Nautical Structures Industries (NSI), to become part of Nautical Structures Industries, Inc. This partnership not only enhances our capabilities but also allows us to maintain our operational structure and amplify our commitment to quality. As of January 2024, our expanded presence includes company-owned service and parts facilities in Seattle, WA, Tampa, FL, and Fort Lauderdale, FL, providing unmatched support and accessibility to our clients.

Our team is a cornerstone of our success, with many of our engineering, sales, and production staff having been with us since our early days. Boasting over 30 years of experience, our engineers employ international standards and advanced software to design cranes that are the epitome of quality. We specialize in using unique parts and finishes that withstand harsh environments, and we offer continuous field support to meet the rigorous demands of the commercial marine industry.

At North Pacific Crane, we are known for our exceptional workmanship, stringent manufacturing and testing processes, and a legacy of delivering outstanding products and support. As we look ahead, we remain dedicated to providing top-tier marine crane products and service, continuing our trajectory of growth and success.