Engineering Services

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North Pacific Crane provides engineering services and consulting for marine cranes, offshore cranes, shipboard cranes, and dock cranes that have been built by our company. (We don’t provide engineering services for cranes built by other companies.) The services we provide for our own cranes include:

  • Welding failure analysis in accordance with AWS D1.1 & ASTM E709 standards for NPCC designed & built cranes.
  • Rocking Test Procedure for “Bearing Permissible Wear,” according to ABS/API standards for Cargo Certificate or retention of their certificate.
  • Design modification of existing sheave heads, including adding features to meet customers’ new requirements.
  • Supporting for deck foundation design with respect to crane features.
  • Completely supports in providing technical parameters including base plate design with bolt pattern as per ABS/API foundation rules for safety to a foundation designer / architect for our crane installation.

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Below are some examples (with pictures) of engineering services we have provided: